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Promote the appropriate cleanse to the hair, preparing it for a perfect shaping. This shampoo is a different product which incorporate value to professionals who works in the hairstyle segment.

The anti-residue is a product that stimulates the opening of the hair cuticles, and it was made to be used in the process of hair chemical procedure. The method of Brazilian Blowout and hair realignment are great examples of that. The Pre-hairstyle do an anionic cleanse with the purpose of deep cleanse and to remove the oiliness without opening 100% of the hair cuticles, do the preparation increasing the hold power and durability.

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The Pre-hairstyle does an anionic cleanse with the purpose of deep cleansing and reducing oil. Without completely opening the hair follicles, it prepares the curls expanding the fixation and durability. It promotes the adequate hair cleanse preparing it for a perfect modeling.