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LINHA SENSES | Nutritive Moisturizing

Your hair needs moisturizing just like you do. The Senses Nutritive Moisturizing line is an exclusive hair treatment specifically designed for the needs of hair strands that suffer daily exposure to sun, wind, dust, hair-straightening planks, and that lose the necessary hydration, becoming dry and damaging the capillary structure.

With its ‘Recovery System’ cutting-edge technology, combined with coconut oil and a Protein Blend, the Senses Nutritive Moisturizing replenishes the capillary mass, recovers the nutrients, and moisturizes the strands from roots to tips. Feel the pleasure of having healthy hair every day.


Shampoo | Nutritive Moisturizing
Especially developed for hair that suffer daily from external, mechanical and thermal actions, the Senses Nutritive Moisturizing shampoo allows gentle cleaning of the strands that recovers their emollience and softness. Technology: Recovery System + Protein Blend
Mask | Nutritive Moisturizing
The Senses Nutritive Moisturizing Mask is indicated mainly for hair that needs nutrition and hydration. Its nano-particles easily penetrate the cortex and replenish the capillary mass with the most complete nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins E and K, fatty acids, lipids and amino acids. The result is highly noticeable in the discipline, lightness, silkiness and absolute brilliance of the strands.   Technology: Recovery System + Protein Blend + Coconut oil
Conditioner | Nutritive Moisturizing
The Senses Nutritive Moisturizing Conditioner is the perfect combination of hydration and nutrition that the strands need. It is rich in nutrients that act immediately on the hair fiber improving its emollience, untangling the strands, increasing the softness, and providing a lovely glow.   Technology: Recovery System + Coconut oil
Leave-in | Nutritive Moisturizing
In order to maintain the softness and long-lasting care of your hair every day, the Leave-in Senses Nutritive Moisturizing finisher wraps the strands with powerful nutrients that moisturize, nourish and protect them from external, mechanical and thermal actions, thus enhancing shine, discipline and soft touch of the hair. Technology: Recovery System + Thermal Protector + Solar Filter