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Conquer the perfect smooth with the DEEP LISS line. DEEP LISS technology is based on the synergy between Glyoxyloyl Keratin Amino Acids and Silk Protein, which allows the gradual change of hair fiber and ensures progressive reduction of volume.

Among other compounds, DEEP LISS technology has: Bamboo extract, which promotes hydration, emollience, restoration, remineralization and conditioning of the threads; Extract of Caviar, an active with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E that is efficient in the reconstruction of hair, and care of damaged fibers.

These assets penetrate the threads and nourish each of them, guaranteeing the treatment and the quality of the hair fiber throughout the entire process of the DEEP LISS system (ie before, during and after its application), leaving the locks hydrated, shiny intense, soft and natural looking.

Vantagens da linha DEEP LISS | PROFESSIONAL

The Liquid Purifying Shampoo is developed specially to remove minerals that accumulates in the hair follicles through the water utilized to wash the hair, without damaging them. Its balanced formulation, has, as main active, the Bamboo Extract, rich in trace elements of revitalization action, that promotes, in the same time, cleanse and hydration, without changing the natural oiliness of the capillary fiber, taking good care of your hair. Aside from restore the structure, the product improves the texture through of the Silk Protein, that reduces the porosity, conferring smoothness, remineralization, extra color and softness to the hair.
  • Deep cleanse without damaging the fiber;
  • Promotes a necessary dilatation in the follicle.
  • Removes the minerals present in the water.
  • Does not change the natural oiliness of the hair fiber;
  • Provides perfect asepsis;
  • Does not embarrass the hair, leaving it soft to the touch.
The HAIR STRAIGHTENING MASK is formulated with low molecular weight actives that increase the absorption level of the hair fiber. The hydrolyzed collagen present in its formula is rich in amino acids that are essential to maintaining the physiological balance of hair; its regenerative properties promote fiber anti-aging, and allow the emollients present in its rich formulation to restore the hair fiber. Collagen, therefore, is indicated as a performance and conditioning agent, being responsible for the softness and smoothness of the hair strands, especially those damaged by chemical processes, such as coloration, discoloration, smoothing and permanent processes, or by the sun and excessive pollution. Hydrolyzed collagen works by increasing the resistance of capillary hair to said aggressions and, combined with Silk Protein, which is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and carbohydrates, results in the perfect formulation that promotes a defrizzing action, with volume reduction, shielding and hair straightening. With Bamboo and Caviar extracts, also present in the formula, the Hair Straightening Mask takes care of the damaged fibers, revitalizes and reconstructs the hair fiber, and when penetrating the strands, it nourishes them with vitamins and amino acids, thus guaranteeing the treatment and consequently the quality of the fiber during the process. The results are silky hair to the touch, intense brightness and natural balance.
  • Reduces volume with excellence;
  • Cream base for better absorption and higher yield.
  • Promotes anti-aging;
  • Maintains the flexibility of the hair fiber;
  • Creates a pellicle around the hair fiber;
  • Reduces volume from 80% to 100%.
The POST-CHEMICAL TREATMENT MASK, with Bamboo Extract and Silk Protein, provides an equalizing and stabilizing action on the vital functions of the capillary structure, maintaining the natural moisture degree of the strands. With its formulation enriched with amino acids associated with vitamin ‘E’, the Post-Chemical Treatment Mask gives emollience and hydration to hair strands and eliminates the frizz effect, while preparing the fiber to seal the cuticular layers during brushing and the finishing process made with a hair-straightening plank.
  • Preserves the lipid layer ;
  • Protects strands from excessive hair dryer heat;
  • Stabilizes the internal functions of hair fiber (pH).
  • Maintains the malleability of the strands;
  • Seals the cuticular layer;
  • Eliminates the frizz effect;
  • Prepares the hair strand for finishing.